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In The Marketing Nation®

Join the Marketing Nation—where marketing and marketers come first. Get answers to your questions, share your best practices and lessons learned, and, together,
help each other get the most out of Marketo.

What’s In It For Me
  • Connect with other Marketo users to learn from those who have “been there, done that”
  • Open Support cases for quick resolution
  • Share ideas, best practices, benchmarks, and lessons learned
  • Grow your brand and your career with our Purple Select advocate program 
What Can I Expect To Find
  • Questions and answers about Marketo and digital marketing
  • Detailed “how-tos,” Marketo Support Knowledgebase articles, discussions, videos, and more
  • A private space for your company
  • The opportunity to contribute to Marketo’s product roadmap by submitting and voting on ideas


How Do I Get Started

Two easy ways to get into our powerful Community:

  1. Login to Marketo and click on the Community tab
  2. Login to Community


Note: The Marketing Nation Community is only available to current Marketo users and anyone who has access to a Marketo instance (i.e. demo, sandbox, production).

As a community, we make each
other smarter marketers