Time, love and intent data - a killer recipe for demand generation


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The big question for marketers is how to solve the "when.” When are my prospects ready to buy my product? When are my target accounts considering a competitor’s solution instead of mine? When is a customer looking at my competitors? After months of rigorous development, Marketo has solved the intent data challenge - how to marry the “when” with the “what” to form a single, actionable data point. Marketo’s Mike Madden dives into how they built a machine to process intent data, which fuels everything from outbound efforts to nurture and ultimately drives revenue for a fast-growing, volume-velocity business.

Learn how to:

  • Build a lean, highly-effective intent data engine
  • Leverage intent data for timely and relevant sales outbound plays
  • Boost engagement rates across email, digital and social by adding a single data point

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