The New Trends in Customer Engagement


Information is more available today than ever before. With this abundance of information, consumers spend a lot more time self-educating which makes the buying cycle significantly longer and with more third party intervention. This puts a great deal more responsibility on marketers to engage with customers without irritating them. Building a dialogue with customers across multiple channels while staying relevant and not indiscriminately blasting them is the key to success. In this session, Heidi Lorenzen, CMO of Cloudwords, Ranjith Kumaran, Founder of PunchTab, and Omer Artun, Founder and CEO of AgilOne, explore new ways to make lasting connections with customers in a multi-channel world.

Check out this panel discussion from the record-breaking New Rules of Marketing Virtual Event to learn about how to:

  • Utilize new channels for customer engagement
  • Prioritize your engagement strategy
  • Properly implement existing channels such as email
  • Employ new trends in predictive analytics and data for determining engagement strategies



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