The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing Webinar


As a marketer, social media can help you build relationships, listen to the market, promote content, and influence your buyers even before they’re ready to buy. The question is no longer whether to do social, the real question is how to do it right so that it measurably contributes to your business's bottom line.

Our Definitive Guide to Social Marketing webinar unveils the newest and most effective ways that social can help drive buyer engagement, new business, and revenue. Join Sanjay Dholakia, CMO of Marketo, and Jon Miller, VP of Marketing Content and Strategy for Marketo, to learn:

  • How to make social present in all of your marketing campaigns
  • Why you should move from a company-to-buyer social model to a peer-to-peer one
  • Everything you need to know about using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest in your business marketing
  • How to track your influencers and determine social ROI

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