The Age of the Customer: Automating and Optimizing Audience Engagement


Are you customer obsessed? Consumers today have higher expectations than ever before. Thanks to the bombardment of marketing messages being thrown at them, they demand messages that are timely and relevant. To succeed in this new era, marketers must evolve their communications and campaigns to reflect the nature of today's busy and distracted audience.

In this must-see webinar with Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and Co-founder of Marketo, and featured guest speaker Cory Munchbach, Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc, you will get a taste of the strategies and solutions available to you for automating, optimizing, and powering engagement.

You will discover:

  • How to tackle common challenges such as channel silos, limited data, and campaign mindset
  • Behavioral, contextual, and conversational tools every marketer needs in their "customer obsessed" toolkit
  • What a "customer life cycle marketing system" looks like

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