Mobile First: 5 Tips for Integrating Mobile with Marketing Automation (A LaunchPoint Series Webinar)


Let's face it - mobile devices are here to stay and have been adopted everywhere, from college campuses to corporate outbound marketing. According to a recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association, nearly 70% of the "mostly mobile" generation almost exclusively visits websites on mobile devices. This percentage significantly changes the marketing mix for companies of all sizes as they scramble to build mobile solutions that reach and trump competitors. 

In this webinar, Algonquin College will show you how they leveraged Modo Labs, a rapid-publish mobile software, and Marketo to develop and update media-rich communications with prospective students in real-time. You will also discover:

  • What it means to be "mobile first" and why you should care
  • How adding mobile into your marketing mix improves the buyer experience
  • How to directly link your mobile websites and native apps with Marketo
  • Best practices for adding and updating content within your mobile apps

This webinar is part of the LaunchPoint Partner webinar series in which Marketo and its partners feature a joint customer to share their experiences in using Marketo with complementary marketing solutions to solve marketing challenges and drive revenue. 


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