Marketo @ Marketo: The best event of 2019

Our marketing team showcased their knockout activities that raised the bar in 2019 with ‘Marketo @ Marketo: The Best of 2019’ webinar series. Don’t miss this unique chance to look behind the curtain and see how Marketo does marketing. 

Watch episode 2 of our webinar series where Peter Bell deep-dives into inspirational examples of Marketo’s best event.

We'll Discuss:

  • How to stop events draining your budget and exhausting your marketing team 

  • Insights into Marketo’s event strategy 

  • A use case example of Marketo’s best event of 2019

  • How to measure event success


You can access the recording of episode 1 "Best of 2019: Marketo Campaign" here.



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Peter Bell
Commercial Marketing Director, Adobe