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Marketo Advanced Report Builder Jan 2017 Site
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Marketo@Marketo: Advanced Report Builder

Here at Marketo, we’ve constantly got a slew of pipeline building, revenue generating, engagement cultivating marketing programs running. All to different audiences through different channels and with varying metrics to reach.

Watch our team of Analytics Aces reveal the secrets to reporting on the metrics that prove marketing’s impact. You’ll hear about:

  • Extracting ROI from your event programs
  • Driving true pipeline from your web strategy
  • Turning content into closed sales
  • Deciphering first-touch & multi-touch attribution
  • So much more!


  • Mike Tomita - Director of Online Marketing, Marketo
  • Vyoma Kapur - Sr. Marketing Programs Manager, Marketo
  • Mary Kate Francis - Demand Generation Coordinator, Marketo
  • Graham Gallivan - Sr. Manager of Enterprise Marketing, Marketo