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Wednesday 06 June 2018 @ 10:00 BST

Marketers have approached GDPR in 2 different ways. Our research shows 55% have taken a ‘marketing-first’ approach and 45% have taken a ‘legal-first’ approach. There’s a clear difference in the activities, expectations, perception and success of those that naturally put the customer at the heart of everything they do and those whose main driver is not falling foul of the regulation.

Consumers are sceptical. Consumers still do not trust businesses - 75% of are concerned about the personal data companies hold and 34% will not share their data. But for a company they trust, over 60% are happy to engage and share their information if they think it’ll result in relevant, tailored offers.

Marketing-first businesses are rightly more optimistic. Our research uncovers the changes in strategy, tactics, technologies and priorities that makes these teams confident in consistently exceeding exceeding targets. They have redefined their marketing priorities, are transforming activities across the pipeline and building lasting relationships.

These high performers provide a benchmark for success post-GDPR. Find out more about our latest research that looks at how these marketers have approached compliance, the secrets of success of the marketing-first companies and how you can use that you your advantage.

We’ll cover:

  • What’s driving the marketing-first / legal-first cultural split
  • Will marketers be thriving or just surviving post-GDPR
  • What consumers really think about data privacy and how GDPR will affect their behaviour
  • What marketing-first businesses are doing differently to succeed
  • How you can use GDPR as an opportunity to join the marketing-first tribe and reap the rewards.

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