Guide Prospects Through the Buying Journey with Marketing Automation


So you've heard the buzz around marketing automation and how it can help drastically improve your marketing efforts, but have you seen it in action?

Watch this session with Michael Berger, Director of Product Markeing at Marketo, as he gives an up-close and exciting look into Marketo's Customer Engagement Platform. You'll discover how it helps marketers take potential buyers by the hand and guides them smoothly through their buying journey in a highly personalized and relevant way.

Presentation highlights include:

  • How you can better understand your buyers and their preferred journey
  • Mapping the journey within your marketing automation solution for better tracking and targeting
  • Making campaigns and content more personalized
  • Powerful sales intelligence tools that enable meaningful engagements
  • Analytics that help marketers define and measure success

See Marketo Engage in Action!

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