Getting Engagement Marketing Right


Your audience is highly sensitive to marketing messages. How can you attract potential buyers without giving them a hard sell? The answer is through engagement marketing, which listens to the customer across multiple channels and responds appropriately.  This kind of conversation goes beyond highly ineffective batch-and-blast email strategies, which lessen the likelihood of connecting with potential buyers in the future.

Watch the webinar on this increasingly relevant marketing topic, and discover best practices for creating more engaging marketing campaigns. You'll also learn about the critical capabilities that you should look for in a solution to ensure that your interactions with potential customers are always two-way, relevant, multi-channel, timely, and ultimately – effective at turning leads into customers.

Listen as Marketo's Michael Berger, Director, Product Marketing, discusses:

  • How to create meaningful conversations with potential buyers
  • The importance of taking the dialogue across channels
  • Tools that are needed for a successful engagement marketing strategy
  • Key capabilities to look for in an engagement marketing solution

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