Email Marketing: Using the Art of Persuasion to Influence Buyers in 2014


Persuasion is critical to any marketing strategy, but research indicates that marketers often neglect this seemingly lost art. Check out this cutting edge webcast to rediscover this art and equip your email marketing efforts with the power of words. You will learn how understanding that language is central to your buyers' needs, optimizing the power of hyper-personalization in your emails, and taking advantage of the best strategies for lead scoring can help you attain maximum results from your email marketing programs.

As you plan for the coming year, you cannot afford to miss this! Listen in as email marketing experts, Kraig Kleeman and Jon Miller, discuss:

  • Hermeneutics and syntactical linguistics: applying the science of language to achieve persuasion
  • The latest secrets in subject lines
  • Best practices for scoring and identifying top leads
  • How to employ these tactics to generate net-new opportunities

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