Enable Sellers with Marketo Engage Sales Intelligence

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On-the-Go Sales Insight

Reps can monitor prospect behaviors that indicate buying interest, such as email opens or website visits, directly on a mobile device.

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Native CRM Application

Sales Insight runs directly in your CRM, so sales reps can work from their existing workspace.

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Unmatched Sales Intelligence

Sellers can quickly identify their hottest leads, gain deeper insight into buyer behavior, and drive engagements that close deals.

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Comprehensive Lead Tracking

Marketo Engage tracks all web activity and provides sales with critical lead information, turning anonymous traffic into leads.

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Easy-to-Use Campaign Tools

Provide reps the ability to send personalized, trackable emails and add prospects to designated marketing campaigns.

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Drive Sales Efficiency

Sales Insight provides sales with a real-time dashboard of their best leads and opportunities, prioritized by quality and urgency.

Sales Insights Features

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