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The Marketo Engagement Platform

Drive engagement everywhere, at scale…
from a single platform

With the Marketo Engagement Platform, keep your audience where you want them…
at the center of all your marketing. Add our digital marketing applications and applications built by our LaunchPoint partners, all of which work seamlessly on our platform, to drive
engagement with people no matter where they are.

Marketo Digital Marketing Applications

Built by marketers for marketers, use our applications to plan marketing activities across teams, attract the right customers, engage them over time in a personalized way, and prove marketing impact.








Orchestrate experiences

Hear your customers’ behaviors the moment they happen, decide the next best action to engage them, and convert insights into more effective marketing.


Seamlessly connect

Connect to the systems you rely on today, and tomorrow, through our robust APIs and webhooks. The Marketo LaunchPoint® partner ecosystem offers hundreds of popular solutions with pre-built integrations.


marketo marketing platform appsengagement marketing audience insights

Know your audience like never before
with Audience Hub

Form deep insights about your customers based on their online and offline behavior across channels. Use this 360 degree view to create real-time interactions that speak directly to each individual.

LaunchPoint Partner Applications

Whether you're looking for video marketing, data enrichment, or content localization, our LaunchPoint partners offer hundreds of marketing applications that work seamlessly with our platform.








Personalize conversations

Speak to your customers as the individuals they are, using rich profiles and real-time customer insights to ensure they see only messages they care about. 


Predict what works

Automatically discover and deliver the right message or offer, in real time, to your customers using machine learning and predictive intelligence.

Built on a cloud foundation you can trust

Performance you can count on, every day

Constructed on a modern SaaS architecture, our cloud-based digital marketing platform supports high-volume activity and event capture, tracking, and execution.  Easily scale as needed with our platform built to handle hundreds of millions of activities per day. 

Available whenever you need it

Delivered through geographically diverse data centers with mirrored capacity and full data replication, we ensure our system maintains 99.995% or greater availability. The system is monitored 24x7 and is designed for fault tolerance and resiliency. Every component in our SaaS infrastructure—all network devices, including firewalls, load balancers, and switches—are fully redundant. Multiple connections to different ISPs in each data center guarantee Internet connectivity. 

We are committed to transparency. See our system uptime data here.

Customizable to match your needs

Our platform can be customized across many dimensions, including custom fields, custom objects for many-to-many relationships, and custom activities across different channels and devices, supporting large-scale IoT applications for next-generation marketing in our hyper-connected world.

World-class security from the foundation up

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority. We provide world-class security based on proven industry best practices, test all code for security vulnerabilities before release, regularly scan our network and systems for vulnerabilities, and conduct 3rd party security assessments.  

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