Advanced Journey Analytics

Map the entire lifecycle of your customer journey to optimize deal velocity.


Speed up deal velocity across every stage of your customer journey

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Identify bottlenecks before they become a problem

Track and measure how many customers are currently inside each stage of your model to identify potential bottlenecks between stages.

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Maximize deal velocity between lifecycle stages

See where transition times between stages are high so you and Sales can make adjustments to programs that quickly remove bottlenecks.

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Know how well customers move through your funnel

Connect your lead and account program data across lifecycle stages to see how efficient customers are moving through your funnel.

S Engagement 18 N

Increase conversion rates for low performing stages

Surface stages that have low conversion rates and tag team optimization efforts with Sales to increase conversions.

S ConfidenceFour 18 N

Improve accountability between Marketing and Sales

Use timed stages to hold Sales and Marketing teams accountable for engaging customers soon enough to stay relevant.

S JourneyData 18 N

Streamline your lead-to-revenue process with Sales

Map all the stages of your agreed-upon customer lifecycle model with Sales to align expectations and coordinate engagement.

Stronger Sales & Marketing Partnership

Stronger Sales & Marketing Partnership

Faster Deal Velocity

Faster Deal Velocity

Increased Performance Visibility

Increased Performance Visibility

Advanced Journey Analytics Features

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