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Dr. Marketo's Cabinet of Curiosity

At Marketo, we’re all about the science of marketing.

Everyone thinks of marketing automation as a new field. But few people know about our rich heritage as marketing automation pioneers – a story that stretches back to the experiments of Dr. Gustav Marketo. More than any single individual, Dr. Marketo advanced the science of marketing through the use of mechanical, electrical and galvanic technologies.

His revenue-generation machines (some of which are still in working order today) were considered a marvel of Victorian engineering and a considerable aid to the early pioneers of marketing science. But few people know that Dr. Marketo also sent the world’s first tweet (“Watson come quick, I need #tea.”) and posted the first user-generated video (“Charles has inadvertently masticated my digit.”).

This brief catalogue is intended to correct these misperceptions and restore Dr.Marketo to his rightful place as the original source of the ideas behind today’s Marketing Automation technology.

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