Episode 28 - How to Use Personalization to Differentiate Your Brand featuring Keith Anderson of Ibex Outdoor Clothing

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And weeeeeeeeee're baaaaack. Welcome to yet another - our 28th - episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Keith Anderson, Vice President of Marketing at Ibex Outdoor Clothing, joins The Marketing Nation Podcast to discuss choosing marketing channels as a visual brand, real-time personalization, and how the engagement with the consumer keeps him going.

As the third employee of the company, Keith has grown with Ibex over the past decade. He is surprised at the continuing effectiveness of email marketing in the face of all the changes to digital media. Marketers tend to always be looking for “the next shiny channel,” but email continues to be a major driver of sales and communications for his team.

The most engaging, most interesting channel Keith’s team uses is Instagram. They use Facebook and Twitter mostly for resharing content that they create either on the Ibex blog or other channels, but the visual component of Instagram is very compelling for a product-based brand like Ibex. Vimeo and YouTube are important for sharing videos and the Ibex story, as well, since everyone has a camera phone, everyone is engaged on Instagram. Ibex can use the 15-second Instagram videos to launch or showcase a new product and create an entirely different conversation than would happen on Twitter.

With competitors like Patagonia, North Face, and Marmot, Ibex is always working to engage directly with their customers and “step up their game” with humanization. Most recently they put together a 4-week giveaway called Experience the Outdoors in partnership with some other outdoor companies and the Yonder app. The contest asks people to share where they play outside by posting a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #experiencetheoutdoors.

Keith wants to increase personalized marketing. He can serve customers specific emails based on purchase history, for example. Of course, this is always permission-based; Ibex doesn’t want to make people feel like their privacy is being violated, so only customers who ask for this type of marketing will receive it. So far, people have been very happy with these customized campaigns so Keith is excited to continue to step lightly into that territory.

Ultimately, regardless of the channel, Keith is most interested in humanization. A great example of this is Ibex’s 404 page, which shows a photo that features some employees in an impromptu photo shoot and encapsulates the fun-loving culture at Ibex. Recently, SocialFresh did a great blog post about creative and engaging 404 pages, and Ibex definitely fits into this category.

Ibex will continue to use their personality, their unique story, and their dogs to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to market their products.

Keith gives a shout out to the Ibex farmers in New Zealand, South America, and the United States and to the Ibex athletes. He appreciates everything they do to make Ibex possible.


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Keith Anderson is the Vice President of Marketing at Ibex Outdoor Clothing. He is responsible for the direction and execution of unified marketing efforts supporting all sales and communication channels of Ibex. Keith has worked at Ibex for more than 10 years, having started out as a Customer Service Manager and one of its first employees. As VP of Marketing, he leads an internal team responsible for Ibex’s social media, manages all consumer-facing programs, and oversees all elements of company branding. Keith lives in White River Junction, Vermont.