Episode 26: Why Being Obsessed with Marketing Automation is Awesome featuring Kimi Fowler of OnBase

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Welcome to the 26th episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Kimi Fowler, Marketing Automation Specialist at OnBase, joins the Marketing Nation to discuss her love of marketing automation, what’s involved in OnBases’ day-to-day marketing activities, and why testing is so important.

Kimi has a unique perspective on marketing automation because she is one of the main people responsible for it at her company. She is a Marketo Champion and a Certified Marketo Expert, so she is extremely well-versed in the capacities and capabilities of Marketo. Her experience is also unique because OnBase is a B2B software company, so she doesn’t have the luxury of always using as much humor in her marketing as she might like.

Her working days involve a lot of campaign building, list management, and perhaps most importantly, testing. As she strives for the most effective campaigns, Kimi uses a combination of open rates, click throughs, and other personalized metrics to figure out which emails are driving the highest engagement. From there, her team suggests tests that she can implement to increase the engagement rate.

Some of the tests that Kimi and her team are running involve more than just colors and layouts – they are working on testing their content to make it more fun, personalized, and relatable for their audiences. Humor in marketing is not just for B2C companies; B2B companies can employ these tactics as well. It’s important to remember that there is a person on the other side of your email, not a robot.

Kimi was so excited about joining the Marketing Nation Podcast that she shared her own personal #MktgNationSelfie on Twitter!

Since she’s an avid Twitter user, Kimi’s shoutout was for listeners to tweet to her @KimiKay and let her know whether or not you’re a marketing automation expert. Even if you’re not, she’d love to hear what your favorite song is so she can add it to her Spotify queue.

Learn more about how Kimi uses Marketo to make her customers and team happy by listening in to the full episode!


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Kimi Fowler is a marketing automation specialist at OnBase in Westlake, Ohio. She is a passionate marketing automation user who focuses on the execution of programs, administration of the system and best practices. She’s powered by yoga and copious amounts of diet coke. Outside of work you can find her spending time with her husband and son, tweeting or watching every episode of any political drama.