Marketing Data Environment

Know the latest state of each customer relationship deeper than anyone.


Gain quick insights and power experiences using AI and consolidated data

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Enjoy a centralized data environment that you control

Centralize marketing, sales, third-party, and account data so you always know the latest state of each customer, without needing IT.

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Segment highly refined lead and account audiences

Create hyper-targeted and dynamic audience segments that update in real-time to support both lead- and account-based strategies.

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Enrich customer profiles with intent and behavior data

Prioritize your leads and accounts quicker based on who they are, what they’re interested in, and how they engage with you.

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Reveal your target accounts for ABM in seconds using AI

Save weeks of time by letting AI build ideal customer profiles and predictive target account lists for your ABM strategy.

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Personalize your data structure to fit your needs

Build custom data objects and fields to customize how you collect data, segment audiences, and personalize experiences across channels

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Turn insights into action across marketing and paid media

Conveniently activate and target your audiences from a centralized place across marketing, paid media, and Adobe Exchange™ programs.

Faster Insights

Using AI and predictive modeling

Increased Campaign Efficiency

From activating your audiences from a central location

More Accurate Optimization

From AI-powered analysis & recommendations

Marketing Data Environment Features

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