Marketo Specializations

Marketo Specialization Exams have been retired.  However, by earning a specialization prior to the retirement date, you demonstrated your mastery of advanced techniques that accelerate results and unlock the full potential of Marketo.   Our specializations never expire, so if you hold a credential now, it will continue to be recognized.

Account-Based Marketing 

Demonstrate your ability to focus marketing efforts on key accounts by understanding ABM account scoring, how to configure ABM, assessing AMB readiness, and how to engage targeted accounts across channels.

Analytics Attribution 

Validate your knowledge of tracking and measuring first touch and multi-touch attribution, as well as how to use Marketo’s advanced reporting to build insightful ad-hoc reports.

Analytics & Reporting 

Demonstrate your ability to manage a Marketo instance following best practices for consistent operations, program structure, and asset organization

Customizing Creative Assets 

Prove your proficiency in creating and customizing design assets using HTML and CSS, including customizing colors, buttons, styles, landing pages, emails and more, to align with your visual brand identity.

Email Deliverability 

Prove your skills designing emails for optimal performance, configuring key technical settings to authenticate your emails, and setting up your Marketo instance to ensure people receive only the communications that they want.

Events & Webinars

Prove your knowledge of using events and webinars to engage your buyers by showing how to create and track events and webinars in Marketo, how to set up and execute both online and offline events, and how to manage attendance at live events using the Marketo Live Event application.

Nurture & Engagement

Demonstrate your practical knowledge of creating engagement programs, adding content, building streams, adding people and reporting on success.

Programs & Campaigns

Validate your ability to automate programs, clone them, use tokens and report on important program data such as ROI and acquisition.

Setup & Configuration

Prove skills in reporting on Marketing’s impact on the business, measuring and customer journey, and attributing revenue to specific Marketo campaigns.

Social Marketing

Demonstrate your capability to plan and strategize social marketing campaigns, manage your social media presence in Marketo, use Marketo social marketing features and report on the impact of your social marketing activities.

Web Personalization

Affirm your abilities to create personal, relevant experiences for visitors on your website, create audience segments based on demographic, firmographic and behavioral data, develop different types of web personalization campaigns using Marketo and report on your web personalization marketing initiatives.


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