Marketo Core Concepts II


In Marketo Core Concepts II, you will learn how to take your marketing automation to the next level to engage prospects and enhance the relationship with your customers. In this two-day, hands-on course, you’ll learn how to nurture your audience using a multi-stream engagement program, save time by using snippets in your content, scale your programs with My Tokens, create dynamic landing pages, utilize advanced form features and manage your programs with the Marketing Calendar. You’ll also learn how to enhance your reporting and keep your instance organized by employing custom tags, multiple period costs, cloning, and archiving.


2 days

Ways to attend

Instructor-led classroom, instructor-led virtual, self-paced (included with Learning Passport subscription)

Best For

Marketo Core Concepts II is best for marketing practitioners who have some experience with marketing automation and have worked regularly in the Marketo platform for at least three months. Participants should have an introductory level of Marketo knowledge, including familiarity with program types, channels, smart lists, simple batch and trigger smart campaigns, the Email Editor, segmentations, simple forms and basic reporting.

Though not required, it is highly recommended that participants take Marketo Core Concepts I prior to taking Marketo Core Concepts II.


$1500 USD

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Learn to

  • Execute advanced multi-stream nurturing using the engagement program
  • Personalize your content with static and dynamic snippets
  • Scale your initiatives with My Tokens
  • Create dynamic landing pages
  • Utilize advanced form features (hidden fields, progressive profiling, etc.)
  • Construct advanced smart campaigns (with choices, wait steps, alert emails, etc.)
  • Employ custom tags, multiple period costs, cloning, and archiving
  • Manage your programs with the Marketing Calendar

Hands-on exercises

During this fast-moving course, participants will spend most of their time building marketing programs in a Marketo Training environment and completing lab exercises.

If attending virtually, we recommend using two screens: one to view the instructor demos and one to complete the exercises and labs.                             

Suggested follow-on courses

  • Marketo Certified Expert Prep
  • Marketo Reporting and Insights
  • Optimizing Email Deliverability