Building Engagement Programs


With Marketo, you can use engagement programs to personalize, adapt, listen to, and react to target audience behavior in real-time. In Building Engagement Programs, you’ll learn everything you need to get an engagement program up and running, including creating the program, adding content, building streams, and adding people. You’ll also learn how to track the success of your program through the Engagement Program Dashboard, and how to maintain and enhance your programs based on program results.


½ day

Ways to attend

Instructor-led virtual 

Best for

Marketers with experience in Marketo who want to build engagement programs that deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time


$375 USD

Learn to

  • Define the components of an engagement program
  • Create an engagement program that meets your marketing needs
  • Add content to an engagement program stream
  • Set stream cadence
  • Manage content within a stream
  • Add people to an engagement program
  • Track the performance of your program using the Engagement Program Dashboard
  • Maintain and enhance engagement programs

Hands-on exercises

Hands-on exercises and demonstrations help you gain in-class practice creating engagement programs. Take-home exercise guides help extend your learning beyond the class as you apply what you have learned back in your job.

Suggested follow-on courses

  • Building Programs and Campaigns
  • Customizing Creative Assets
  • Optimizing Email Deliverability
  • Using Attribution Models