The Dangers of a "Good Enough" Marketing Automation Solution

As a smart marketer, you’ve probably considered a marketing automation solution for your business, regardless of your industry or company size. After all, the benefits are clear: automation brings incredible efficiencies to your marketing team, making it easier to create durable customer relationships at scale and drive huge results fast.

We know it can be confusing to sort through all the available solutions. And we know that every company has different marketing automation needs. But here ’s one thing we can say to anyone weighing their options: if you opt for the wrong solution, you’re likely to regret your decision. In this ebook, we’ll explain why.

Download this ebook to discover:

  • How the lack of flexibility, limited triggers, and basic functionality of a "good enough" solution will hinder your productivity
  • Why drip nurturing is a leaky faucet — you'll watch your time and money go down the drain
  • How to avoid being mislead by rudimentary, myopic revenue reporting
  • Why generic lead scoring prevents marketers from accurately measuring fit and interest
  • Why you should select a partner, not a product, for your marketing automation solution

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