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How to Choose a Marketing Automation Platform - Marketo

Not so long ago, a few technology companies ruled the business software market. Organizations had to select one company for all of their software needs. In other words, they often had to choose between departments when selecting a software vendor.

As we’ll explain, that situation has changed—and that’s good news for today’s modern marketing organization. Thanks to APIs and open-architecture, organizations can now choose the platform that best fits each department's needs—rather than sticking to a suite of solutions, regardless of their individual merit.

Download this ebook to learn more about:

  • How best-of-breed solutions give marketers the clear advantage over their competitors
  • What marketers should look for in a marketing automation vendor
  • The benefits of marketing automation with streamlined, repeatable processes, true scalability, and robust reporting and analytics
  • How to choose a marketing automation platform that's right for your department—and how that ultimately benefits the entire company