How to Think About the Global Deployment of Marketing Automation for Enterprises

Because enterprise companies are made up of multiple departments and locations, cohesion among teams may be challenging. This is particularly true when it comes to a company’s marketing functions. A marketing department may encompass numerous areas, many of which may not be in the same office, let alone the same country. With so many functions (and functions within functions), it’s clear that things can get complex! Plus, there can be disconnected systems making communication even more difficult. Without a strong system in place to manage internal interdependences and customer communications, efforts can fall by the wayside.

As a solution, marketing automation software helps marketers automate their processes and work to effectively unite the marketing efforts of the various teams and locations around the world. But in order to make sure that marketing automation performs at its best, an enterprise company must implement a sound deployment strategy—the process of rolling out your marketing automation platform to your teams and locations.

Download this ebook to learn how to deploy marketing automation for a global enterprise, including:

  • How an enterprise knows it's ready for marketing automation
  • Questions enterprises need to ask themselves before deployment
  • Characteristics of both decentralized and centralized deployment
  • How to staff your global deployment team
  • How to prepare your organization for the deployment of marketing automation
  • Understanding global deployment success metrics

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