Email Marketing 5.0: How Leading Brands Like Molson Coors Are Winning By Combining Social And Email

Consumers are spending more time than ever online. So much so, that online is second only to television in consumer time use, and it is only a matter of time before online eclipses television altogether. While online, social networks are by far the most popular place to be. It seems only natural then that marketers develop ways to utilize social media and leverage the power it holds. Using marketing automation that integrates social sharing in new and creative ways is proving to be a very successful way to engage consumers. As consumers spend more time online—on social platforms in particular—a brand must find ways to leverage the power of social media. One powerful tool that integrates social sharing in new and creative ways to generate authentic engagement is email communication.

This eBook is based on a February 2012 webinar with Sanjay Dholakia, CMO of Marketing at Marketo, and Christine Poirier, Manager of Digital and Relationship Marketing at Molson Coors. Read on to hear the best practices in email marketing and social. You’ll find examples of how Molson Coors is driving peer-to-peer communication to boost engagement and build its social CRM database with the help of Marketo Social Suite technology

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