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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analytics

What's in the Guide?

  • Part One: Measurement Builds Respect and Accountability
  • Part Two: Planning for Marketing ROI
  • Part Three: A Framework for Measurement
  • Part Four: Revenue Analytics
  • Part Five: Program Measurement
  • Part Six: Marketing Forecasting
  • Part Seven: Dashboards
  • Part Eight: Implementation - People, Process, and Technology

Why Should I Read It?

How much additional profit will a 10% increase in your marketing budget generate?

44% of qualified marketers have no idea. If you fit into this 44%, you will experience difficulty protecting your budget. In fact, you'll likely find yourself asking the question the other way around:

What will happen if my marketing budget gets cut by 10%?

You can't expect your organization to place value on something you're unable to quantify.

This guide will help you do just that. We will help you answer key questions like:

  • What types of marketing analytics and metrics should I use?
  • How can I measure my marketing programs' impact on revenue?
  • What's the best way to share marketing results with my executive team?
  • Which organizational changes are needed to implement marketing analytics?
  • And many more

The bottom line of any business is the top line: revenue and faster growth! So let's get started.

Part One: Measurement Builds Accountability


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Marketing analtyics are necessary to get a seat at the revenue table