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Led by industry veterans from the only billion-dollar SaaS companies built to date, salesforce.com and WebEx, and counting cloud-computing pioneer Marc Benioff as an early investor, Zuora has been in the spotlight since day one. With a limited budget and the critics watching, Zuora's marketing team needed a cost-effective way to convert this media buzz into actionable leads and opportunities. Zuora needed to manage an array of sophisticated product launch campaigns and to monitor the web activity behavior of named and anonymous prospects.



With Marketo, Zuora can implement complex campaigns without draining the company's coffers or the marketing team's energy. For the launch of Z-Billing 2.0, the Zuora team created email drip campaigns, social media referral campaigns, and unique landing pages to leverage and monitor the positive industry response. In addition, Marketo gives Zuora insight into the behavior of all prospects, allowing the company to interact with both named and anonymous prospects throughout the revenue cycle. Finally, Marketo's closed-loop analytics provided Zuora's marketing team with detailed reports of the launch's success in terms of web traffic, email openings and click-thru activity.


 Zuora's cadence of product launch campaigns for their subscription billing and management platform delivered significant sales pipeline revenue, a 132% increase in sales-accepted opportunities and a 460% boost in average contract value. With Marketo, Zuora can qualify, prioritize and nurture the subscription billing leads it generates and exploit the cloud commerce industry buzz to its full advantage.