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  • Better lead intelligence and shorter deal cycles
  • Lead insight empowers sales to engage in more meaningful conversations
  • Increased lead volume and lead-to-opportunity conversion rates



Vindicia, a leading provider of on-demand billing solutions, had no formal marketing automation solution before Marketo. Thus, the challenge of identifying sales-ready leads for enterprise sales was a formidable task, and Vindicia's marketing team found it cumbersome to run marketing programs for a specific target audience (e.g., lead nurturing programs for specific verticals).



Vindicia now uses Marketo Lead Management to better segment its database, drive targeted campaigns with unique content, and host two to three webinars a quarter - all without additional IT support. Prospects that surpass the lead scoring threshold are automatically routed to inside sales for immediate follow-up with Marketo providing the lead intelligence (e.g., who is opening and clicking emails, visiting the web site, and downloading datasheets) to help the team prioritize and focus their sales efforts. The remaining leads are continuously nurtured by marketing.



With Marketo, Vindicia has launched a successful webinar series, which helped to improve lead quality and reduce cost-per-lead. Vindicia's sales team can now focus on the right company with the right content at the right time, resulting in more meaningful conversations and higher conversion rates. Finally, Marketo's seamless integration with, combined with insightful demographic and behavioral data, has shortened deal cycles and improved customer engagement.