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Agile digital marketing delivers big results at the top of the funnel for a small marketing team, empowering marketers to work smarter and focus marketing activity more effectively.

VersionOne is all about agile. The company’s enterprise agile platform helps small, midsize, and large companies accelerate software delivery and increase business agility. In the past year, Kristen Wendel, Director of Marketing Operations, has made dramatic changes to VersionOne’s digital marketing strategy, and those changes are delivering greater agility, enabling marketers to work smarter, generate more leads, and increase the number of business opportunities. One of the biggest changes was replacing the legacy marketing automation tool with Marketo. Since implementing this advanced digital marketing solution, lead capture is simpler, marketers can update CRM campaigns directly from within Marketo, and closed-loop reporting is providing robust data to improve marketing spend decisions.


  • Drive aggressive revenue goals by focusing on enterprise accounts
  • Enable marketers to be a nimble and agile marketing organization with easy to use but sophisticated digital marketing tools
  • Migrate from a legacy marketing automation tool without disrupting existing marketing programs 



Bringing agility to digital marketing

VersionOne’s all-in-one enterprise agile platform helps companies quickly and easily scale their use of agile software development practices. In the past year, the company has shifted its focus to larger enterprise accounts, a move that requires a high degree of agility and scalability for marketing campaigns. Kristen and her team, however, were burdened with a legacy marketing automation tool that was cumbersome and labor intensive. It took two web developers to build basic emails and landing pages for the marketing operations/programs team of four. People were frustrated by the inability to accurately track lead sources and pass campaign membership into CRM campaigns. For a company that follows agile practices and sells agile solutions, the marketing system that had been implemented and the resulting work seemed anything but nimble. VersionOne worked with Marketo to implement a platform that would enable broader transformation towards operational excellence and enterprise-focused marketing programs.

According to Kristen,

"When we evaluated solutions, Marketo was the clear winner. Marketo partnered with us every step of the way, enabling us to seamlessly complete our migration in just three months. Marketo consultants led the full implementation, including database synchronization, programs setup, lifecycle and lead scoring models, channel definitions, lead source appending, modelers, and Revenue Cycle Explorer reporting.” 



Smoothing the migration to Marketo

Kristen’s major concern was the impact that replacing the legacy solution would have on current processes, especially those involving VersionOne’s free software trials, a key source of leads. Marketo suggested an approach that supported legacy processes while building and testing the infrastructure and updated processes underneath. This approach not only smoothed the transition but also enabled VersionOne to build a new freemium trial flow. The Marketo consultant configured a dynamic landing page with multiple forms for the trial validation process in less than an hour. This same functionality took months to develop with the previous solution, prompting Peter Herbert, Vice President of Marketing, to say, “Marketo turned months into minutes.”

The Marketo consultant helped Kristen and her team build lead source and program attribution processes, and that data has been used to elevate the level of business insight using Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics. Attribution reporting provides visibility that enables VersionOne marketers to adjust marketing activity and spend to get the best value for dollars spent. Reporting has demonstrated that marketing contributed 65% of new business pipeline creation, a level of insight marketing couldn’t draw out of the legacy platform.

"In the past, we didn’t have a clear picture of which programs were working and which leads were converting through the funnel. For example, we’ve made major changes to our paid online marketing activity and we can see that those changes are impacting opportunities. So we’re making smart decisions and we can start to talk about getting the right leads and contribution to pipeline versus just ‘more leads’.”