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  • Run 40% more campaigns at a lower cost
  • Launch landing pages in hours, not days
  • Reduced outsourcing costs



Vendavo, a leading provider of enterprise pricing software and solutions for B2B companies, outsourced its marketing needs to several different places before using Marketo. Campaigns came from different systems and were difficult to launch, and a web designer was needed to create professional landing pages. In addition, leads were sometimes duplicated within their CRM system, and sales reps had to discard non-actionable leads. The company needed the ability to create professional-grade emails and landing pages without relying on outside help. The time and money invested in this strategy led Vendavo to Marketo.



Vendavo chose Marketo for its comprehensive B2B marketing capabilities, ease of use, and tight integration to In addition, Marketo provided Vendavo with a flexible and scalable marketing platform to support growth through every implementation stage. Today, Vendavo uses Marketo to manage inbound inquiries from Web sites and search engines as well as segmented outbound marketing campaigns such as newsletters and webinars. The company has created multiple landing pages for different verticals and collateral types and uses smart lists to increase responsiveness through targeted campaigns.



With Marketo, Vendavo can now create and launch landing pages in hours, instead of days, and as a result, the number of targeted email marketing campaigns has increased by 40%. In addition, the company has gained increased visibility into targeted email marketing campaign performance and has improved data quality because leads are no longer duplicated.