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  • Higher quality leads that have led to a 75% close rate for marketing-generated leads
  • More effective marketing campaigns have increased website traffic
  • Transformation from traditional to digital marketing company
  • New, strong partnership between marketing and sales



Vantiv is a payment processing company that recently went public. Structured into two major lines of business, one on the merchant side and one focused on financial institutions, Vantiv continues to experience rapid business expansion. Each division has its own sales force, which are naturally increasing to support the exponential growth. Reliant on traditional, passive marketing techniques, such as print advertising, trade show participation and direct mail. Vantiv recognized the need to upgrade its marketing organization and evolve into a digital marketing company. In addition, marketing wanted to take more of a thought leadership role with sales, collaborating with them on lead generation and help them to be more productive and successful.


After evaluating several competitive products, Vantiv selected Marketo due to its superior functionality, usability, and, because it demonstrated the best solution to transform the company from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Immediately after Vantiv implemented Marketo, the marketing team started getting so many responses from its e-mail campaigns they had to quickly implement procedures to ensure they were not hitting the same contacts multiple times. Vantiv can now use creative campaigns and programs to draw more traffic to their website, generate leads, nurture them through Marketo, and then turn them over to the sales force when they are fully qualified.



With Marketo, the sales team’s productivity has soared. As opposed to just buying target lists and blindly calling prospects, the sales team now gets qualified, nurtured leads from marketing. This allows sales reps to prioritize their day and quickly determine which leads have the best potential for success and also enables the reps to have more meaningful conversations with prospects to close more business. In fact, marketing is providing sales with leads that close the deal 75% of the time. This has created a whole new level of partnership for sales and marketing, which builds a strong foundation for continued growth.