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Ongoing engagement programs 

Urjanet increases email open rates 47% and content downloads 300% with personalized engagement campaigns in Marketo. 



With an effective energy management strategy that leverages energy usage data from utilities, businesses can improve decision making, contain costs, and enhance sustainability. Urjanet makes that data easily accessible and usable. The company’s cloud-based platform acquires and normalizes disparate utility bill and interval data from thousands of utilities worldwide and delivers it to industry-leading business applications.

Urjanet serves two key markets. The energy and sustainability market encompasses enterprises that spend heavily on energy and solution providers who offer software and services around energy spend and sustainability. The financial services market serves firms that use utility data as an alternate means of scoring applicants for loan underwriting and ID verification. According to Angela Sun, Urjanet Director of Marketing, senior management has set aggressive goals for growing revenue in both markets.

To meet revenue targets, Angela and her team needed to evolve their digital marketing strategy to incorporate highly personalized and automated engagement campaigns that encourage greater customer interaction. However, their previous marketing automation solution was not up to the task because of its inherent inefficiencies and inflexibilities. After a careful evaluation of market-leading solutions, the company decided to implement the Marketo Engagement Platform. 


  • Evolve and advance digital marketing efforts to boost revenue.
  • Create highly personalized engagement programs that encourage greater customer interaction.
  • Tighten the alignment between marketing and sales to better manage the customer journey. 



Personalization drives customer engagement

Angela recalls that prior to implementing Marketo she and her team were attempting to build more sophisticated nurture programs that would offer a high degree of personalization. In addition, they wanted to enhance alignment between the marketing and sales teams by integrating the marketing automation solution tightly with Salesforce.com. Replacing the previous solution with Marketo put them on the fast track to highly granular, individualized programs that run without marketing intervention. For example, one program places prospects who opened a particular email or clicked on a particular link into a highly segmented, targeted list, enabling the automated delivery of highly relevant content at the right time.

This approach has boosted email open rates and content downloads. Before, the average email open rate ranged from 15% to 17% and content downloads averaged 50 per month. Now the email open rate averages 22% to 25% and content downloads have increased to approximately 200 per month 

"The ability to set up engagement programs in Marketo has been a real game changer. These programs allow us to identify and engage interested prospects much more quickly than before. We’re able to set up a program once and it runs automatically in the background—with just minor tweaking from time to time.” 



Delivering the right content

Urjanet’s marketing strategy is based on a content production model in which the team creates rich hub piece, often in the form of an ebook, on specific topics. From the hub piece, the team develops smaller pieces of digestible content in multiple formats—blog posts, videos, infographics, and webinars.

The team can then deliver the content to different personas at the level and in the format that each persona prefers. Decision makers and influencers, for example, may prefer detailed information that gets into the nitty gritty of a topic. Senior executives, on the other hand, may prefer formats that present the information at a 30,000-foot view.

We’re entering a world in which customers and prospects want to be talked to at the time that works for them and in the format that best matches their needs. Whether we reach them by phone, social media, or email, the interaction has to occur at the right time and in the right form. As a marketer, you can’t make that happen unless you have an engagement platform like Marketo.”

Strengthening marketing/sales alignment

Urjanet has integrated Marketo Sales Insight into its Salesforce.com implementation. This enables the company’s 20-person sales team and its business development team to access Marketo data. Angela reports that synchronizing Marketo contact lists with Salesforce.com is much faster than with the previous solution. Lists are now updated in near real time. What’s more, salespeople and business development representatives (BDRs) automatically receive up-to-the-minute alerts when their respective prospects reply to an email message, download content, or register for a webinar.

Marketo lead scoring is also strengthening alignment between marketing and business development. When leads from marketing sources hit a certain threshold, Marketo notifies the business development manager who then distributes those leads to the appropriate BDRs.

"Leads come in through Marketo daily. What’s really exciting is that our sales reps and BDRs get a steady stream of notifications on activity and they can run with them. This has freed up a lot of time for those of us in marketing and it gives the reps visibility into the best opportunities to pursue.”