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"Marketo has allowed us to have real customer centric prospective of what our audience, and how they engage, what they care about, what their behavior is, and then trigger communications at the right place at the right time about the right"

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When UBM Advanstar set out to build a deeper relationship with fashion buyers, their marketing team chose a data-driven approach that engaged their audience through meaningful conversations and increased new attendees by 430%.

Twice a year in Las Vegas, 60,000+ fashion professionals scope out the latest styles and hottest brands at UBM Advanstar’s MAGIC Marketplace, the world’s largest fashion tradeshow. According to Kelsey Breakey, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, MAGIC attendance was strong, but hadn't seen that much growth in the past few years. To increase attendance, Kelsey leveraged the power of Marketo to engage individuals in a continuing conversation. UBM Advanstar set out to help retailers see the incredible value of attending this industry-leading tradeshow to shop the latest fashion brands, be inspired by the innovation in the fashion industry, and take advantage of the networking and learning opportunities MAGIC offers. Marketo played a pivotal role in driving their exceptional results.


  • Gain visibility into the composition and interests of the MAGIC audience
  • Deliver personalized, one-to-one conversations to drive engagement and attendance
  • Demonstrate the value of attendees on the show floor to MAGIC exhibitors


More contacts, more value per contact

When Kelsey joined UBM Advanstar, she established two important goals. One was to increase MAGIC attendance. The other was to better understand her audience and provide relevant content that helps customers succeed in the business of fashion. Kelsey used Marketo to conduct surveys to understand buyer perceptions regarding the MAGIC brand. She also added a questionnaire to the tradeshow registration form to capture detailed profile data, including job function, fashion verticals, interests, and even seasonal budgets.

This information guided the marketing team in creating an automated, yet highly personalized dialog with people interested in the show. The results were ground breaking: registration of new attendees increased 430% and attendance overall increased 29% in just six months, despite a significant cut in the marketing staff during the previous year.

“We’re now using technology in a meaningful way. Instead of yelling ‘register, register, register’ for six months, we’re having a conversation with people,” Kelsey says. “As a result, our engagement is substantially impressive across the board. And it truly differentiates us from our competitors and gives us an edge because they don't have the strategies and technologies and data we have.”


Beyond trade shows

The marketing team is now applying Marketo to other efforts. For example, the team is invested in the creation of content that covers retail business best practices, current fashion trends, and buying and selling tips and techniques. This content is used to drive engagement even higher. The team groups content into themes and is offering it through the subscription-based MAGIC University. More than 1,000 people enrolled in the first 30 days and have earned certificates of completion in various areas including social media strategies, omni-channel operations, consumer trends, and more. Engagement for this program is impressive, with open rates in the 60 to 70% range and click-to-open rates of 55% on average.

In addition, the data that marketers now have at their fingertips helps them demonstrate the value of the show and understand the informational needs of their vast audience. It also helps them gain market insights that they can share with the more than the 5,000 exhibitors showcasing their fashion brands at MAGIC.

“With Marketo, we can assign a value to each contact within our ecosystem,” Kelsey explains. “A top buyer from Bloomingdale’s has a different value to our exhibitors than a junior buyer at a small shop in a midsize town. At the end of the day, our exhibitors are paying for the quality of the audience we bring in. Proving that value helps our sales team sign up exhibitors and bring in revenue.”