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Marketo is a must have tool. As a small company, TapCrowd has been able to scale its marketing activity, quadruple the number of campaigns and increase revenues by up to 40 percent.

tapcrowd photo of mario haneca vice pr sident marketing Mario Haneca
VP Marketing


  • Belgian mobile app solution company increased revenues by up to 40 percent in one year with Marketo
  • Enabled company to quadruple number of campaigns executed each month
  • Helped establish and grow relationships with buyers over time
  • Allowed company to cope with pace of change and complexity associated with engaging with customers in real-time across multiple channels



Belgian mobile technology company TapCrowd helps organizations to connect with their audience using mobile personalized one-to-one communication. The TapCreator app building platform, for example, is used by agencies and event organizers to build, publish and maintain professional mobile apps.

The challenge for TapCrowd has been to reduce the cost of sale. It would be prohibitive for the sales team to meet with every sales lead, so TapCrowd needed an automated solution to help identify the most lucrative and mature leads—and ones with the strongest propensity to purchase. TapCrowd also wanted to ensure nothing was missed: that no leads slipped outside the funnel as they were channelled between marketing and sales.



TapCrowd is mainly using Marketo to automate the development, execution and later review of multi-phase marketing campaigns. For example, the company is able to quickly develop and send email invitations to its webinars. Registered users then automatically receive follow-up materials afterwards. When they open the documents, automated email alerts are received by the TapCrowd marketing team. These activities, combined with integrated lead scoring mean that the sales team receive the lead for follow-up when it is ready to purchase.



Marketo has helped TapCrowd increase its revenues by up to 40 percent in one year. By standardizing on Marketo, TapCrowd has also quadrupled the number of campaigns it executes every month. Previously, the company produced one webinar per month—now it is able to produce one per week, with no increase in resources.