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  • Real time integration and seamless flow of leads between Marketo and their CRM system
  • Ability to efficiently manage email campaigns
  • Improved lead quality through ability to prioritize leads based on prospect activity
  • Ability to create and manage localized email campaigns in multiple languages



Talend, one of the largest pure play and fastest growing vendors (+103% in 2011) of open source software, had email and CRM systems in place that allowed the company to do basic email blast campaigns, but lacked the ability to segment customer data and track or score leads. Further, several community applications—such as Forum, Bugtracker, a marketplace and others—were deployed on their website, each with a separate user database This left the marketing team with no easy way to send targeted emails, track user interactions, or measure campaigns responses. Consequently, while they were generating massive amounts of leads from trade shows and online campaigns, there was no way to identify qualified leads and real opportunities. In addition, the systems were very resource-intensive.



With limited IT resources, ease of implementation and use was important for Talend. Talend selected Marketo given that the solution could be deployed quickly and had the right integration API. The fast integration was facilitated by connectors to the Marketo SOAP API that were incorporated into Talend’s own integration software. This technology made it easy to synchronize the community application user databases with Marketo, as well as integrate Marketo with any database, CRM, or ERP. As a result, Marketo provides real time integration and a completely seamless flow of leads between Marketo and their CRM system. Because Talend operates in 8 countries in 3 continents, another key requirement was the ability to support campaigns in different global locations and languages. Marketo allows the different global marketing teams to create and manage localized email campaigns and messages in multiple languages.



With Marketo, Talend has the ability to track customer behavior, seeing which campaigns they respond to and those they ignore. The sophisticated scoring system enables marketing to gain a thorough understanding of the behavior of its customers, including which resources they are consuming. This allows marketing to prioritize leads and pass only qualified leads to the sales force. The quality of leads passed to sales have increased, improving sales productivity and boosting the sales close rate. In addition, before Marketo, the marketing team was reliant on the website team to build landing pages. Now, because the system is so easy to use, marketing is more autonomous when it comes to deploying campaigns on their own. Marketing teams around the world also now have the ability to send out targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right prospects and increase response rates.