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The productivity and efficiency increases we've seen as a result of using Marketo have been huge and we're now able to quantify marketing's contribution to Starmount's growth.

starmount photo of kerry nelson directeur marketing Kerry Nelson
Senior Director of Marketing


  • Improved lead generation and deal flow: best campaign to date netted a 27% open rate, 45% click-to-open ratio, and 85% click-to-converted ratio
  • 360-degree lead visibility
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Pipeline contribution increased to 59%
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved decision making regarding future marketing campaign



Starmount is a software solutions provider focused on helping retailers bring the richness of the Web and the power of mobile into the store, where they can create more personalized, relevant, and dynamic interactions with customers. Before Marketo, the Starmount marketing department could generate leads at events and through sponsored programs, but lacked a process and tools for nurturing them after they were generated. The blast email solution they were using to send messages was not connected to their website or to their CRM solution. Leads that came in via the website were simply forwarded straight to the sales force. Consequently, marketing did not know what leads were coming in from the website and whether the leads generated from events or sponsored programs were moving through the sales process or going stagnant within their database. Plus, marketing was unsure about the effectiveness of its campaigns and sales did not have any method of communicating back to marketing about potential opportunities. Starmount needed a comprehensive system that would link their website to their prospect database and provide visibility into the sales process.



With Marketo, Starmount now has 360-degree visibility into their lead and sales pipeline, from campaign start to sales to booked revenue. Going beyond click-through and open rates, they are able to track leads all the way through the system to figure out where each lead is in the process, what follow up has been performed, what nurturing is needed, and whether or not accounts are stalling.



Since implementing Marketo, Starmount has seen significant improvements in lead generation and resultant deal flow. Their best campaign to date had a 27% open rate, 45% click-to-open ratio, and an 85% click-to-converted ratio, and the team is now, for the first time, able to measure their pipeline contribution, which is 59%.

The solution also allows marketing to quickly assess marketing campaign effectiveness and make more informed decisions regarding where they should be investing in future campaigns and programs. In addition, Starmount can now utilize nurturing programs to ensure they are communicating with prospects and moving them along the sales process in the most effective manner. The sales and marketing teams are more aligned and collaborative since both organizations can view the same data within one, consolidated system.