• Reached MQL goal for the year in only 6 months
  • Dramatically reduced 90-day sales cycle
  • Proved ROI of marketing activities
  • Improved sales/marketing alignment
  • Doubled top-of-funnel webinar registrations



SLI Systems enables the world’s leading e-commerce retailers to accelerate sales by connecting shoppers with the products they’re most likely to buy. With offerings that include site search, navigation, merchandising, mobile, product recommendations and user-generated SEO, SLI Systems is the most chosen cloud-based site search provider to Internet Retailer’s top 1,000 retailers. The company’s patented technology continuously learns from the actions of visitors to deliver the most relevant results possible. SLI Systems went public in New Zealand in 2013.

SLI Systems had a successful IPO in 2013, but to meet the needs of the rapidly growing organization, SLI needed to scale their marketing operations while increasing efficiency. Unfortunately, the marketing team was shooting in the dark. They had little visibility into marketing performance across channels and activities and no reliable way to improve marketing results or prove the impact of their efforts to the company’s bottom line. Because they have seasonal spikes in their business that can make or break their numbers, the marketing team needed to be operating at peak performance. They needed to more tightly coordinate their activities across functions and regions to streamline the customer experience and better align with sales to convert leads into paying customers in the shortest amount of time possible.


SLI Systems was sending emails from their Marketo solution within a week of beginning implementation. With Marketo, SLI can run more campaigns with higher impact in less time. The ability to create and clone templates makes it easy to duplicate an existing campaign to use in the future, which helps the marketing team do more with existing resources. Marketo Marketing Calendar helps keep marketing teams coordinated and makes it easy to keep sales in the loop on everything marketing is doing. SLI is leveraging Marketo Sales Insight to provide sales with a prioritized list of the hottest marketing leads, plus alerts on buying signals, so they can reach out to prospects quickly at the right time and have more relevant conversations. SLI also leverages Webhooks and one of Marketo’s LaunchPoint partners, StrikeIron, to send text messages to confirm registrations for webinars and then send follow ups to thank attendees. At trade shows, they use text messages to schedule meetings at trade shows and prompt “no-shows” to reschedule.

SLI can now measure lifetime value and ROI on their channels and programs. These insights help the company move dollars away from lower performing channels, such as trade shows, and into other higher performing programs, like webinars. SLI uses Marketo to reevaluate their budget on a biannual basis to make data-driven decisions on how to adjust their marketing spend. 



With Marketo, SLI Systems reached 100% of their annual marketing qualified leads (MQL) goal in the first six month of the year. This was no small feat – the goal was doubled over the previous year. SLI has seen double the number of webinar registrants since implementing Marketo. Marketo has also helped SLI alert sales to hot leads. For instance, if a lead showed interest in a demo at a trade show, the sales director in that region is alerted in real-time, enabling sales to follow up while the lead is hot. As a result, SLI has seen its 90-day sales cycles reduced dramatically.

Using Marketo, the SLI marketing team can also demonstrate to the CMO and board exactly how marketing contributes to the company’s bottom line. Proving marketing’s impact on revenue has also helped improve the relationship with the sales organization.