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"One of the best decisions we have made in choosing Marketo is that for the first time we were able to show and demonstrate what is marketing’s impact.”


According to Nick Mirisis, Director of Marketing and Business Development at SchoolDude, the marketing team operates in a vastly different way than it did three years ago. Instead of single-focus campaigns and a static corporate website, the team reaches out to thousands of diverse prospects in the education market, delivering personalized content and web experiences for specific audiences. Marketo Real-Time Personalization is the underlying platform that empowers the team to target prospects and current customers based on highly granular account data. SchoolDude’s account-based marketing (ABM) strategy has yielded an approximate four-fold increase in engagement, boosting the number of webinar and event participants, and helping sales close more deals. 


  • Shift marketing’s orientation to demand generation and revenue marketing.
  • Engage prospects with content that shares best practices gleaned from SchoolDude’s 15 years of experience with 6,000+ clients.
  • Leverage ABM to personalize interactions with top prospects to increase sales. 



A complex, diverse customer base

SchoolDude solutions help educational institutions better manage demand and costs associated with corrective and preventive maintenance, energy and conservation, IT help desk and asset management, inventory accountability, business operations, and safety management. Educating buyers on the value of SchoolDude products is complex because of the diversity of the audience, which includes public, private, independent, and charter schools of all sizes, as well as institutes of higher education.

"The pain points that a small, rural school district faces are very different from those of a mega district in a big city, a community college, or a large university. So we tailor our content based on the challenges and concerns of each audience. The style, tone, and images are different, and so are the testimonials and best practice content we provide. We even present different products because some offerings are a better fit for small districts, while others are better suited to large districts or higher education.” 


Account-based marketing in action

SchoolDude is in the enviable position of having access to a wealth of prospect data because the U.S. federal government maintains information on publicly funded institutions. Nick and his team implemented Marketo Real-Time Personalization to leverage this data in ways that would entice prospects to complete specific activities, such as adopting new products or registering for demos and events. With Real- Time Personalization the team runs large ABM campaigns that include up to 30 lists covering 140,000 educational institutions. The campaigns personalize content and experiences based on school name, location, size, email addresses, domain names, and known lead profile data such as job title, status, and opportunity.

The ABM strategy is delivering gratifying results. For example, the team uses account- based data to influence targeted accounts to register for SchoolDude’s Professional Development webinar series. The team attributes 30% of registrations directly to ABM. Another campaign that SchoolDude ran took into account educators’ have limited travel budgets. Marketers used geography to promote bicoastal user summits, presenting targeted accounts with information on the events closest to them. Personalization based on geography drove 400+ registrants to a recent East-coast summit.

"With Real-Time Personalization, we saw a phenomenal increase in engagement in the first 90 days. We’ve increased average session duration by 394% and average pages per session by 405%. And we’re looking at new ways to use personalization to improve conversions on a daily basis.”

Targeting named accounts with personalized content, emails, ads, and web experiences increases engagement across the board—from participation in webinars and events, to adoption of new products.