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  • Increased Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Marketo helps to ‘connect the dots’ on specific campaign performance and ROI
  • Single marketing platform for consistent global campaigns
  • Ability to easily deliver campaigns in multiple languages
  • Granular analytics on daily, weekly, monthly reporting



Quintiq is a leader in supply chain planning optimisation. As one of the fastest growing companies in its space, Quintiq is utilised at over 500 locations in 80 countries around the globe. As a growing company, Quintiq wanted to achieve greater transparency and alignment between the sales and marketing function, and find a better means of measuring and increasing campaign activitiy and lead generation via a single marketing platform.



Quintiq implemented Marketo to standardise its global marketing campaign execution across multiple languages, including Korean, Chinese, Polish and German. This enables users to create and automate ‘out of the box’ campaigns and templates, which can be reused in different territories in a matter of seconds.

“We ran very few activities before deploying Marketo. A few events that would start and stop, but we had no real way of automating and executing campaigns quickly and efficiently or measuring and reviewing what was working and how nurtured leads added to the bottom line,” said Diederik Martens, Marketing Automation Manager, Quintiq.



“We chose the best of breed solution with Marketo,” added Martens. “Marketo facilitates growth and accelerates the marketing process, which means we have more time to execute more campaigns, which is a good thing. Lead scoring and insight helps us determine why a program performed in a certain way and how we can improve it, determining if we’re spending our marketing money efficiently and effectively.”

Quintiq currently runs 22 multilingual lead nurturing programs across several different verticals. Through the use of analytics, Martens and his team can see all the touches that contribute and eventually lead to an opportunity, to further understand the marketing ROI.

“Marketo has enabled us to gain real insight into how and why our marketing campaigns work, and how people flow through our funnel during the buying journey. We also have the ability to monitor the SLA on lead follow up and best practice adherence, which has further increased our sales effectiveness,” said Martens. “Our plans for the future will see us further increasing automation and alignment, and we’re also looking at the use of social media.”


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