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Quark Accelerates Strategic Account Engagement with Marketo ABM

Quark Software, Inc.’s content automation platform infuses automation into every stage of the creation, management, publishing, and delivery of business-critical content. And for more than five years, Quark has leveraged Marketo to infuse automation into its marketing programs. Marketers are creating sophisticated Marketo-based campaigns that spread the word about how Quark solutions improve efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness.

In the past year, Vice President of Marketing Gavin Drake set out to mature marketing’s demand generation processes by shifting away from lead-centric campaigns and embracing an account-centered approach. Gavin and his team developed
a new account-based marketing (ABM) strategy that involves collaborating with sales to identify and prioritize high-value accounts and building integrated campaigns featuring varying
levels of investment and different types of communications to help grow the accounts with the greatest potential. 

Identifying the Challenges 

Quark markets its complex content automation solutions to global leaders in a wide range of industries—including financial services, manufacturing, technology, life sciences, energy, and government. To improve marketing effectiveness, Gavin and his team began working with sales to identify the accounts that are most likely to drive meaningful revenue. However, managing major accounts with tools designed for a lead-centric approach proved to be cumbersome and time consuming. Account data resided both in the Quark’s CRM system and in Marketo. Keeping customer information and activities up to date and consolidating that across systems hampered ABM efforts. 

Putting Marketo ABM to work

When Gavin learned about Marketo’s new ABM solution, he was intrigued. “There are a number of tools that provide some level of account-based marketing functionality,” he noted, “but what we were missing was a way to manage accounts centrally and for me, that functionality needs to reside within the marketing automation platform. That’s the critical piece that Marketo provides. It gives us a firm foundation for tracking and managing the success of our ABM programs.”

Leveraging Marketo ABM, Quark Software created a combination of LinkedIn campaigns for their Tier 1 accounts, in addition to industry-specific campaigns for their Tier 2 accounts.

They targeted a small population of accounts, including very specific parameters around geography, job titles, and departments. This enabled Quark to promote very targeted content for each account. In the case of the Tier 1 campaigns, the creative included highly personalized posts for each account, with their account name and logo to really grab the recipient’s attention.

The personalized Tier 1 campaigns have performed at between 2x and 5x LinkedIn’s suggested click-thru-rate – incredible performance for an online paid campaign. Quark attributes the ability to drive these results to the power of using Marketo ABM to focus in on account targeting and the benefit of investing in personalized marketing to fewer, highly targeted accounts.

Marketing and sales are completely aligned with respect to the customers they are trying to reach and where they are investing their time and money. Marketo facilitates alignment by consolidating disparate account data records residing in both Marketo and the CRM system–rolling individual contact records up into a single account without the need for time-consuming data cleaning and reconciliation.

Each sales representative on the assigned accounts team is responsible for three tier-one, 10 tier-two, and 100 tier-3 accounts. With Marketo ABM, marketing can now generate reports that provide salespeople with deeper visibility into what’s happening in their respective accounts.

Quark and Marketo ABM today

  • Drove 2x-5x higher click-thru rate performance on ABM LinkedIn campaign vs. LinkedIn’s suggested click-thru rate
  • 15,000 contacts rolling up to 673 high-value accounts
  • Automated lead and activity management at an account level driving fully integrated, individualized campaign

On the Horizon

  • Expansion of ABM programs into European sales territories
  • Stronger account engagement
  • Pre-opportunity progress including accounts with tele-qualified and sales qualified leads
  • Pipeline and closed revenue from our target accounts
  • In the longer term, increased topline revenue and customer lifetime value