• Can now identify consumer behaviors and match to existing personality categories
  • Automatically reaches customers who don’t complete initial sign up to avoid consumers falling out of the process
  • Ability to develop complex segmentations
  • Easily scalable with a pricing model that supports company growth



Payoff is a next generation financial services company founded in 2009 with the mission of bringing financial freedom to consumers facing high interest credit card debt. Payoff is there for consumers as they meet their debt head-on and stays with them long after as they start setting new goals on the path to reaching dreams like owning a house or starting a business. Payoff’s loan products are structured to help consumers end their credit card debt rather than accumulate more debt, which is often the result with traditional bank credit card loans.

Payoff knows that everyone understands and deals with financial challenges differently, and that changing deep-rooted financial behaviors can be difficult. It’s only with a deep understanding of who people are and what motivates them can Payoff help them succeed. Payoff needed a platform that could quickly understand each person and immediately use that knowledge to deliver the right message to that individual.



To deliver on their promise of helping people reach their financial dreams, Payoff’s needed the ability to automate engagement based not only on the captured customer information, but also the behaviors they exhibit. Payoff needed a platform that would help them capture relevant information and behaviors about each individual, automatically segment those people, and deliver the right message based on their lifecycle stage.

Using Marketo, Payoff captures customer information in order to assess their persona, their personality, and their personal goals. Marketo’s robust but easy-to-use forms capability makes it easy for Payoff to continually adjust what customer information they capture while providing a low friction, high conversion process. To deliver a personalized Payoff experience, the Marketing team can now build landing pages on their own that listens to customer behaviors and delivers content and information that best captures their attention.

One area where this is particularly impactful is in the initial sign up process. Relying on the information that has been captured, Payoff can automate the process of re-engaging people who started, but didn’t finish the sign up process. Payoff can bring those consumers back to complete their application with highly personalized, targeted calls-to-action.




With the expectation of reaching millions of consumers, Payoff selected Marketo’s platform to create a coordinated multi-channel experiences based on an individual’s persona, personality and behaviors. Marketo brings together direct response marketing, engaging content and Payoff’s team of customer success advocates. Now the Payoff Marketing team can focus on developing the best personalized content, and let Marketo manage the delivery to the right person, at the right time, automatically.

“My goal is complex segmentation and extreme personalization. I want to see award-winning response rates and I know we have what it takes to accomplish that. Marketo will be critical to achieving that success,” says Kelsey Galarza, Senior Director of Marketing, Payoff.