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  • Increased sales in core business unit by 150% in 9 months
  • Delivered complete return on investment in the first quarter of use
  • Managed 10-fold increase in sales leads, with no increase in headcount
  • Enabled campaigns to come to market 25% faster than previously



Owlstone, which manufactures button-sized sensors to detect minute concentrations of airborne chemicals, was relying on a fragmented set of tools—spreadsheets, email, Salesforce CRM—to identify and nurture leads prior to hand off to the sales team. Faced with a long, complex sales cycle, these disparate techniques undermined Owlstone’s ability to target, acquire, and retain customers which include the U.S. Army, EADS, and multiple universities.



Owlstone implemented a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of Marketo revenue performance management solutions, including lead management, sales insight, and revenue cycle analytics to measure and improve the impact of the company’s marketing on sales growth. A major focus is the use of marketing to educate Owlstone’s community on how the micro sensors work and the value that can be derived from them. Here. Marketo supports event marketing, website monitoring, email marketing and social media optimization. Easy to use revenue cycle analytics also lets Owlstone harness powerful ROI proof points and accurate forecasts without spending hours assembling data and tweaking reports.



This best practice, straightforward approach to generating, nurturing, and qualifying sales leads has enabled Marketo to increase sales in a core business unit by 150% in 9 months, and deliver a complete return on investment in the first quarter of use. More effective tracking of early stage leads and subsequent end-to-end demand generation management has also enabled the company to manage a 10-fold increase in sales leads and opportunities, with no increase in headcount. Moreover, the marketing team also now receives the recognition from sales for providing them with qualified, valuable sales leads. The entire lifecycle of campaign management is faster too: Marketo estimates that campaigns now come to market 25% faster than previously, giving Owlstone the agility to react more quickly to market change and steal a lead in competitive situations.