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  • Marketo pays for itself five times over in 12 months.
  • Increased sales accepted rate into the pipeline by 75 percent.
  • Enabled selected landing pages to achieve click through rate of more than 50 percent.
  • Real time insight into campaigns delivering most value and which need adjustment.
  • Tracked conversion ratios of in-bound leads into telemarketing qualified leads.
  • Fast-track lucrative opportunities straight to sales organisation for follow-up.



NewVoiceMedia is talked about as an equivalent game-changer to Amazon, Google and The U.K. company’s ContactWorld solution provides contact centre technology as a true cloud service over the Internet, offering hundreds of customers enterprise-class contact centre functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. The business has scaled dramatically in recent years, and NewVoiceMedia quickly realised that a reliance on traditional marketing techniques, such as spreadsheets and email to track new leads and opportunities, would no longer suffice.



According to Tim Pickard, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Marketo offered just the right blend of intuitive functionality - not so much that the users would spend weeks getting to learn the solution, and not so little that the company couldn’t execute sophisticated, multi-tier marketing campaigns. The cloud-based marketing automation software was deployed in only two weeks throughout the organisation with the help of Marketo’s expert Services and Support.

Integrated seamlessly with, NewVoiceMedia is using Marketo to generate more demand for its ContactWorld contact centre solutions. The best-in-class technology is being used to efficiently manage and execute programs across multiple channels, including email, web and events, with social media to follow shortly. Pickard and his team have the flexibility to deploy dynamic, multi-step email marketing campaigns that automatically deepen contact centre prospect relationships over time. The company is able to drive demand through inbound marketing channels, using online content, streamline event marketing, such as webinars and in-person events, and convert more leads into NewVoiceMedia customers with comprehensive nurturing and scoring. Easy to build and understand analytics dashboards provide fast and efficient insight.



Marketo has paid for itself five times over already in terms of generating new leads and opportunities that have subsequently been turned into sales. Conversion rates continue to rise “dramatically”, and the sales accepted rate into the pipeline has increased by 75 per cent. Some landing pages are receiving a click through rate of more than 50 percent.

However, NewVoiceMedia’s success with Marketo goes far beyond increased revenue. The marketing team can immediately see, in real time, which campaigns are delivering value, which ones need to be adjusted, and the content that prospects are most drawn to. They can track the conversion ratios of in-bound leads into telemarketing qualified leads. And when they are alerted by Marketo to a critical and potentially lucrative prospect, they can fast-track this straight to the NewVoiceMedia sales organisation for follow-up.