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MyFitnessPal’s health and fitness apps help people set and achieve personalized health goals by tracking their nutrition and physical activity. More than 65 million people have used MyFitnessPal to achieve and maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle. With a database of over 4 million foods, integrations with top fitness technology partners and the largest health community in the world, MyFitnessPal is the leading health and fitness tool worldwide.

However, with such a large user base, MyFitnessPal was challenged with effectively engaging a wide variety of people across digital channels. Although the company had 15 million people in their database for marketing and content emails in 2013, MyFitnessPal sent only 4 emails during the year. Additionally, MyFitnessPal wanted to engage more people with the quality content on their blog, “Hello Healthy.”

MyFitnessPal recognized the need for a solution to help them develop their cross-channel communication and lifecycle marketing programs. They chose Marketo as their engagement marketing platform.



With Marketo’s engagement marketing platform, MyFitnessPal started by dramatically increasing engagement with users via personalized email communications. That included ramping from 4 emails in 2013 to a robust set of emails intended to engage MyFitnessPal’s 15 million marketing-subscribed users. Using robust testing, personalization and segmentation, MyFitnessPal now sends over 100 million emails per month with incredibly low unsubscribe rates. These emails include a weekly newsletter, recipe round-up, and “workout of the week.” “The ability to test emails without engineering involvement has allowed us to create experiences that boost user engagement with our app and our blog,” says Tara-Nicholle Nelson, the Vice President of Marketing at MyFitnessPal.


In addition to email as a direct channel, MyFitnessPal has built a sizeable following on their blog, “Hello Healthy.” By enticing users in other channels with blog content, “Hello Healthy” now has over 4 million unique visitors per month, making it the fifth most trafficked healthy living lifestyle blog on the web.

Lastly, based on their deep understanding of each user, as well as how often people are interacting with their app, MyFitnessPal has improved retention and engagement. With a set of creative content campaigns targeted at users who have become inactive, MyFitnessPal now reactivates hundreds of thousands of users each week.



With Marketo, MyFitnessPal engages people over 100 million times per month. User engagement is up by double-digits and with the help of Marketo, MyFitnessPal’s multi-channel content and social media marketing program has helped grow the MyFitnessPal blog. The blog, “Hello Healthy,” now sees over 4 million unique visitors per month, and is one of the most trafficked healthy lifestyle destinations on the Internet.