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Mintigo Drives Greater Pipeline Performance with Marketo ABM

Mintigo, a leading enterprise predictive platform for marketing and sales, embarked on their ABM strategy earlier this year. While Mintigo has gained improved performance across all aspects of the funnel, they wanted to accelerate their pipeline growth and increase average selling price. To achieve this, they recently chose Marketo ABM to help them align sales and marketing around their ABM efforts and drive better results.

Mintigo’s marketing team needed a platform that would provide the essential capabilities of ABM – targeting and managing named accounts, engaging them across channels, and ABM analytics. And because Marketo ABM is built natively on Marketo’s marketing platform, they could add these ABM capabilities to their existing marketing stack without the need for integration.

Additionally, Mintigo is an ABM expert in their own right, and they leverage their own predictive analytics platform powered by AI to discover target accounts and identify decision makers, enrich these key accounts with data and engage them through Marketo ABM.

Mintigo can now create more meaningful segments within their target accounts and apply highly personalized messaging delivered through a variety of channels, and powered by Marketo, including email, web, and advertising, that are both relevant and timely to their audience.

“With Marketo ABM, our ABM process is more streamlined, and the main activities such as account management, engagement, and reporting are centralized, enabling us to easily target the decision makers within the accounts we focus on, engage with these prospects through multiple channels, and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns, ultimately driving pipeline and revenue impact,” said Tony Yang, VP of Demand Generation at Mintigo.

Since beginning their ABM journey, Mintigo has realized a more than 43% increase in opportunities from targeted, key accounts and an additional 12% increase in overall pipeline.

“Marketo is a critical component to the success of our ABM strategy. By utilizing Marketo’s marketing automation and ABM products coupled with Mintigo’s own predictive intelligence, we can quickly identify and engage high propensity-to-buy accounts,” added Yang.