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  • Implemented Marketo in 24 hours and launched campaigns within a week
  • Scored leads and used valuable data to align sales and marketing teams
  • Effectively allocated marketing dollars with real time reports
  • Launched three new products globally



IPC Systems is a leading provider of voice and data connectivity services and trading communications systems to capital markets firms around the world. IPC’s marketing department is responsible for global, regional, and local markets. Recently, IPC was preparing for three new product launches within an eighteen-month period, and at that time, IPC’s marketing had no immediate visibility into ad buys and email campaigns. Sales and marketing were out of alignment, and IPC’s marketing realized they needed an automated system—one that wasn’t too intimidating—and they needed to get it up and running fast.



When IPC was researching automated marketing platforms, implementation time was a priority. IPC’s team was thrilled to get Marketo up and running in a single day, integrating seamlessly with and WebEx. Almost immediately, IPC’s team was using Marketo’s real-time data to analyze what was working in campaigns and what wasn’t. In the past, IPC’s marketing had to load data into spreadsheets to get limited metrics after the fact; with Marketo, IPC now understands instantly what to build out in a targeted campaign—and move it all out the door lightning fast.



IPC successfully rolled out three global product launches in an industry that is often very resistant to adopting new technology. Moreover, IPC’s marketing and sales are aligned in ways they never were before. Sales can now instantly see what leads marketing is bringing in from email campaigns, tradeshows and other venues, and the two teams can launch a coordinated effort to go after those leads. The outcome is that IPC has truly integrated marketing with real-time visibility into social marketing, email campaigns, PR, PPC, and ad buys—and all those metrics reinforce that IPC’s marketing strategy is cost effective and yielding exceptional ROI.