Greenland Travel

Marketo drives marketing efficiency “beyond imagination” for Greenland Travel


  • Email conversion rate increased by 330%
  • Number of online tours sold from email increased by 50%
  • Direct revenue from email: +87%


Expanding marketing horizons

Greenland Travel is the world’s largest travel operator specialised in holidays to Greenland. From dog sledding adventures in Greenland to magnificent geysers in Iceland and the breath-taking Northern Lights, for over 25 years Greenland travel have been making dreams come true for those wishing to make the trip of a lifetime.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark the company deliver dream holidays to customers all over the world. With a strong online presence and sales in international markets growing, Greenland Travel needed a marketing solution that could grow and scale with demand. Its existing email marketing solution lacked the capacity to deliver full-scale program automation and insight into their marketing activities.

Greenland Travel sought a solution that would allow them to match their marketing to individual customer interests and add value to each engagement. Marketo has already generated results above and beyond their expectations, including doubling revenue from email marketing campaigns.

“As an ambitious company set on becoming a serious international player, selling full package tours worldwide, we recognised the need to move away from being able to simply measure the effect of email campaigns. Unlike many solutions that offer a ‘360 degree’ view of marketing programs in theory, Marketo actually delivers this in practice.” Lise Gram Eriksen, Marketing Manager, Greenland Travel.


Integrating data insights

With its previous solution, Greenland Travel had become accustomed to seeing the full customer journey only in instances where the entire path to purchase was made through a single device. Even more pressingly, customer segmentation was based on static, quickly obsolete data drawn from rudimentary click-through statistics.

It didn’t take long for the team to realise that the only way to execute relevant marketing today is through a fully online and automated marketing system that enables bespoke interactions with each potential customer. By introducing Marketo, Greenland Travel made the leap to a highly intelligent system capable of integrating with its website, drawing real-time consumer insights and building these into fully automated programs across different markets and languages.

“First and foremost we had to find a system that could integrate the data between the website and email engine to deliver comprehensive automation across our markets. To enable us to focus on modernisation and optimisation, we wanted to avoid a situation where this was split by two systems that would mean building the data integration ourselves. After evaluating several systems, Marketo stood out further and further from the crowd.”


Smarter content marketing for the multi-channel consumer

With the implementation of Marketo, everything from email marketing performance insights to the interests and behaviours of potential customers are now visible and applied. Regardless of the number of different devices being used by customers, Marketo fills the gap between different platforms even accounting for the deletion of cookies.

In line with these changes, the team has moved from ad hoc content creation that always kept them behind, to a strategy where they now monitor for opportunities to reuse content and improve its delivery. It’s an approach that’s clearly working, with Greenland Travel seeing a 330% rise in online purchases and an 87% rise in direct revenue from email. At a business level, every measurable figure has risen since the implementation, including revenue.

“To say Marketo’s offering has exceeded our expectations is an understatement. We have doubled income from email marketing, even though it had been strong before, and being able to reuse content has proved crucial in making a resource scarce marketing team much more efficient. Over the next 12 months, we expect to double the results we have seen to date with the implementation of a fully integrated content marketing strategy.”