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  • Graydon selects Marketo to run customisable, tailored marketing campaigns from a single platform
  • Empowers marketing to deliver a personalised, one-to-one experience to each lead
  • Transforms sales effectiveness by automatically prioritising sales ready leads



Graydon Holdings provides multinational clients with key business information services including, credit information, marketing data information, risk and compliance and debt collection. The company is embracing an engaging, content-driven marketing strategy, geared toward creating long-term, rewarding customer relationships.

Having recognised that the outdated approach of blasting audiences with diverse, poorly-targeted messages was ineffective, Graydon strived for a more personalised, content-driven approach to marketing. It also required a more effective lead management solution; previously leads were fed into the company’s CRM system and followed up with manually by the sales team. By defining a lead qualification process combined with consistent, targeted messaging, Graydon could develop a one-to-one dialogue with prospects as they progress through the buyer journey.



Marketo was the ideal platform to implement this marketing strategy. Graydon evaluated Marketo alongside competitor solutions and Marketo consistently outperformed others in terms of functionality, ease of use and the breadth of online support. Marketo also offered easily customisable features and did not require IT intervention to deploy.

In the six months since Marketo went live, Graydon has leveraged the powerful platform to perform integrated and productive marketing activities encompassing their email marketing, database management and customer engagement. Marketing is empowered to create targeted campaigns that deliver relevant and compelling content to the right leads using precise database segmentation. Marketo also facilitates the management of leads through the buying journey, tracking behavioural activity from capture to acquisition and beyond.



Though marketing now channels fewer leads to sales, the leads it delivers are of a significantly higher quality. Marketo is steadily transforming Graydon’s sales effectiveness by giving priority to qualified leads with a higher propensity to close and allowing sales to manage their time more efficiently. The breadth of knowledge and expertise available on Marketo’s Community resource has also been instrumental in the success of the team, with access to round-the-clock help articles, on-demand training and product documentation.

“Marketo is like being given a pair of digital hands to run marketing campaigns. It is a powerful and popular marketing automation solution which is steadily transforming our sales effectiveness.”