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Marketo is like a Ferrari, and Get+ is the 100 octane fuel you need to make this Ferrari win the sales race. Using Get+ in conjunction with Marketo gives us value from our Marketo investment.

getplus photo of herv gonay fondateur et pdg Hervé Gonay
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


  • Enabled company to experience 20 percent increase in qualified leads entering the sales pipeline
  • Increased sales productivity by 20 percent, helping to grow revenues and profitability
  • Accelerated automated execution of regular outbound email campaigns to 300,000 targets
  • Tracked campaign success with email and lead performance reports



Get+ is a B2B Lead Generation Online Service that automatically recognizes the name of the company that visits your website, and delivers actionable contacts to fuel Marketo Nurturing Engine. On average, only one percent of visitors to the average website complete a web form, Get+ delivers detailed company names, contacts and emails on the other (not anymore) anonymous 99 percent.

Get+ customers also use Get+ powerful intelligence to understand more about the needs, preferences and behaviour of these leads, shrink the retargeting cycle, and fuel Marketo with qualified names of prospects to be nurtured. The reason that Get+ came to Marketo is as simple as that mission: the French company needed to qualify and nurture leads coming out of their own Get+ solutions that could then be channelled through to the five-strong Get+ sales team. Naturally, Get+ already uses its intelligent lead generation solution for its own business, and was already able to identify company names, contacts and decision makers’ email of the traffic as offering a potential revenue opportunity to be followed-up. Marketo offered a natural complementary solution as a best-in-class reengage and nurturing solution for those leads.

Get+ quickly switched to Marketo for three key reasons. First, Marketo offers seamless three-way integration between Marketo, the Get+ Lead generation solution and salesforce.com. Second, the marketing automation is extremely easy to use. Third, Marketo was an all-in-one solution: multi-channel campaign management, event management, inbound marketing and customer data management with powerful emailing tools.



Get+ is using its own solution to automatically recognize the company name which visits the www.getplus.fr website, and delivers a database of actionable contacts that have shown interest in the Get+ Solution. Then Marketo has been deployed to maximize the value of this database, transforming Get+ contact names into qualified leads for the sales team. Marketo is used to perform two outbound email marketing campaigns each quarter, each comprising approximately 300,000 recipients provided by the Get+ solution. The team in Paris can quickly develop drag-and-drop emails, send out triggered emails, A/B test each email campaign and track their success with a library of email and lead performance reports.

Marketo is also used to create sophisticated and straightforward lead nurturing. That 300,000 email blast typically delivers approximately 300 leads—that’s a lot for a small company like Get+ to manage manually. Marketo automates that nurturing process: Get+ doesn’t need, for example, to rebuild campaign workflows in order for existing leads to receive fresh content, and the company has the flexibility to quickly judge how effectively each item of Get+ content is engaging leads and customers over time.

For example, imagine a prospect chooses to test the Get+ solution for free over 10 days, but decides after that time not to buy it. Marketo prompts the team to offer a special promotion, and should they still decide not to purchase, the prospect is automatically fed back into the nurturing system, receiving an email follow-up every two weeks.



The combination of Get+ and Marketo has enabled the company to experience a 20 percent increase in qualified leads entering the sales pipeline. This in turn is increasing sales productivity by an equivalent 20 percent, as they no longer hunt down so many wasted leads. Ultimately this is helping Get+ to grow revenues and profitability.

For example, Get+ uses its web leads technology to analyze its website traffic, putting valued prospects into the database and then nurturing these until such time as they are sufficiently mature to be passed to sales. Lead scoring plays a vital role in this success, and ensures Get+ small, dynamic team can decide themselves which leads to concentrate on, and how quickly they should be contacted.

The Founder and CEO of Get+ uses the following analogy: “Marketo, for us, is like a Ferrari, it is a great car, a great engine, going very fast, but if you don’t put fuel in it, if you don’t put prospects and mails in it, your Ferrari won’t go that far. So Get+ is able to give you the fuel you need to make this Ferrari win the sales race. Get+ is also the 100 octane fuel—essential to keeping the car moving smoothly. Using Get+ in conjunction with Marketo gives us value from our Marketo investment.”